Document Destruction

Here's how it works:  You'll store your sensative documents at your locations in either our locked office style containers or either of our locked larger 65 or 95 gallon wheeled security containers.  We will come and switch out the containers on a weekly, monthly or call when full basis.  The container contents are then taken immediately to be shred and we issue you a certificate of destruction.  BLAS also can pickup palletized loads or boxed loads of records to be shred.  We do all we can to make it easy for you.


In addition, BLAS provides service for your special clean-outs.  If you are reorganizing, eleminating or computerizing and have a large volume of confidential materials  to destroy, BLAS will be glad to handle the job.





































Your secure documents go directly from these containers to these tiny 1/4" by 1" shreds all in the same day.